The Polish Copper Employers’ Association (Związek Pracodawców Polska Miedź) was established in 1996 by KGHM Polska Miedź S.A capital group, a leading producer of copper and silver, in Lower Silesia in Poland. It was a response to the ongoing revolutionary change in the Polish economy, of ownership in particular, but also as an answer to the strong position of trade unions, which were then the only social partner in negotiations over directions for system transition.

Main fields of activity of ZPPM are issues related to metals mining and processing, protecting regional employers’ interests and building a business friendly ecosystem. The association and most of our member companies are located in Lower Silesia, one of the most important industrial regions in Europe.

We are the biggest, independent and not-for-profit regional employers’ organization whose goal is to represent and protect employers’ interests in the Lower Silesia (Poland). In its mission, the Polish Copper Employers’ Association pledged to protect entrepreneurs from excessive employee privileges and engage in dialogue with government and trade unions. We take responsibility for disseminating good management practices and entrepreneurships through organizing training sessions, seminars and conferences for both members and non-members. Additionally, we provide services to our members regarding EU policy and a network for information exchange and co-operation throughout industry sectors worldwide.

The Polish Copper Employers’ Association of two representative Polish organisations: ZPP (Związek Przedsiębiorców i Pracodawców – The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers) and FPP (Federacja Przedsiębiorców Polskich -The Federation of Polish Entrepreneurs), which are members of Rada Dialogu Społecznego (The Social Dialogue Council).

25 of our experts work in regional and national advisory committees, professional groups and national and international industrial fora involved in providing recommendations for regulatory action, financing, and exchange of best practices on the industrial ecosystems transformation. So far we have submitted approximately 600 positions and opinions on Polish and EU legal acts, policies and strategies, most of them in the areas of environmental, industrial, geological and mining law.