Report ‘Climate laws in Europe: Good practices in net-zero management’

Climate laws in Europe: Good practices in net-zero management’

This report has been commissioned by the European Climate Foundation (ECF). It is part of the Net-Zero 2050 series, an initiative of the ECF with contributions from a consortium of experts and organisations.
The Net Zero 2050 series of reports aims to start building a vision and evidence base for the transition to net zero emissions societies in Europe and beyond, by mid-century at the latest. The Paris Agreement commits us to making this transition, and long-term strategic planning shows that many of the decisions and actions needed to get us on track must be taken imminently. While most of the reports look in detail at the actions and transformations needed in different sectors, the overarching governance framework is also key to making sure that these steps are identified and taken.
This report presents the designs of the national climate laws in the United Kingdom and eight EU Member States: Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden. Its findings are intended for policy-makers and interested stakeholders in the EU and beyond who are considering the implications of a net-zero economy and seek to understand and prepare themselves for the mammoth task of rewiring economic structures to become climate neutral. The insights can also inform the debate on the EU climate law, highlighting gaps in the existing European legislation that could be filled.
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